Content marketing & SEO

Content strategy development

Content marketing activities start with a comprehensive content strategy, which extends your overall marketing communication strategy. It describes different pieces of content that should be created to communicate your value proposition and brand strengths, and help drive your target customers along their purchasing journey.

Content creation

Each brand and each communication channel is unique. To achieve the highest efficiency of your marketing efforts per every dollar spent, it is important to precisely target your content activities. We are able to help you with creating all types of content, promotional and advertising content, blog posts, social media publications, video, and audio content to create the best marketing mix.

Social media marketing

Social media presence is essential for every brand. While some brands use it only as a support for their marketing communication, others fully build brands relying only on their social media activities. As the platforms are constantly evolving, being up-to-date with the best tools and approaches to social media communication can help you beat the competition.

Video marketing

Video marketing is at its peak. Moreover, its efficiency will only grow in the years to come. Using it as one of the tools in your communication arsenal will help successfully transmit your unique brand perspective and stand out among the players in the industry.

Search engine optimization

Search engines are the most visited websites in the world. And all they do is send their visitors to websites, that provide the most relevant information on the subjects of interest. This means that search engine optimization efforts can help you build your brand awareness without incurring any advertising costs. Isn’t this the best marketing opportunity you can find? The catch is the SEO complexity - content, technical implementation, and off-page distribution - all need to align to help your website reach the first page of the search results.

Content distribution

Even the best content may never reach your audience without proper distribution. It is important to find the right media platforms, writers, influencers, channels, or groups, which will help multiply the effect of your communication activities. We believe that 75% of the total marketing effort must be focused on creating content, while another 75% - on making sure your audience sees and interacts with it.

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