Marketing strategy & branding

Market & competitor research

Marketing starts with a thorough understanding of the company product and competition. What is unique about your product? How is it better than other products on the market? Does it create more value for customers than competing solutions, and in what specific way? By attaining answers to these questions, you will be able to create a distinct product and help it reach the market.

Target customer profiling

Understanding core and unique features of the product, allows you to find the audiences, which can benefit the most from its strengths. We help you define each target audience segment to build out clear customer profile and optimal ways to communicate with them.

Value proposition

Defining value proposition starts with identifying customer needs and specifically addressing the ways your product or service provides the solution to these needs. Having a well-defined value proposition will allow you to build a simple and consistent marketing strategy for your business.

Market positioning

There is competition in every worth-while segment of every market in the world. That is why identifying a unique place in the minds of your customers is essential to any successful go-to-market plan. This is achieved by creating a simple and unique brand image and its consistent communication.


Based on the identified value proposition and market positioning, our team helps create your brand vision and strategy, including logical, emotional, and visual components for consistent communication.

Communication strategy

Having defined the building blocks of our marketing vision, we can proceed to consistently sharing it with a wider audience. As part of the communication strategy, we identify key messages, approaches, and channels, which will be used to grow brand awareness and customer base.

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