Video production

Goals and creative ideas

We start our work by understanding the target audience and the goals for the future video. This is followed by brainstorming creative ideas, which will deliver the key message to the target audience bypassing the unnecessary noise along the way.


After the goals are defined, we create an engaging story, which will become the backbone for the video. We follow the best practices of storytelling by defining the main conflict of the story and structuring the set-up, escalation, and climax into an engaging plot. Our goal for every script is to make it simple, yet authentic and convincing in every detail.


As the script has been discussed with you, we proceed to visualize key settings and steps in the video to be produced. We prepare a drawing for each main scene in the video with the actions, dialogues, and notes to provide a detailed presentation of the footage to come.

Voiceover recording

Another important step is making sure that the voice to be used will be relatable to your target audience. We have a pool of experienced voice actors for different formats, be it advertising, explainer, tutorial, or presentation.

Animation & sound editing

Having an agreement in the previous steps, we proceed with bringing the story to life. This is the most complex stage of the process, as we transform an idea into a moving picture frame-by-frame, detail after detail. Together with the visual part, we include voiceover, music, and sound effects into the video to create a fully immersive experience.

Feedback and sign-off

Before finalizing the video, we review it internally and share it with you to hear your feedback and incorporate it into the final product. Once we have the thumbs-up, we render and deliver the video to you. Now, you can present your fresh video to the world!

Let's talk

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