Marketing automation

Email marketing

A common starting point for marketing automation is streamlining email marketing activities. Does a user receive a welcome email, when they subscribe to your newsletter? Do you have an email sequence set up to convert top-of-funnel leads into customers? Are all relevant trigger and transactional emails in place to address multiple user interactions with your product? We help understand different user touch points and implement an email marketing framework for integral user experience.

Campaign automation

Another significant opportunity for automation lies in your advertising, outreach, and social media campaigns. Marketing and remarketing to specific audiences with personalized messages, implementing automated chatbots, or creating tailored engagement flows at scale can help your product grow while minimizing required operational efforts.

Lead scoring & personalization

By analyzing multiple data points, such as online behavior, email and social habits, demographic or company data, we are able to filter incoming leads and prioritize engagements with them. Once high priority leads are identified, we can create a personalized user experience for them and present your sales team with detailed data for each potential customer.

Contact management & nurturing

Once the lead scoring framework is in place, we can proceed with establishing a comprehensive lead nurturing strategy. The typical process includes segmenting high priority leads into groups and developing targeted outbound and inbound campaigns with unique call-to-actions delivered through multiple channels as preferred by each group. The ultimate goal for the lead nurturing strategy is to successfully convert promising leads into paying and returning clients.

Marketing & sales tools integration

With the growth of your business, the customer management framework expands to include the website, CRM, email marketing, lead management, behavior analytics, content marketing, and other platforms. To bring results, marketing automation strategy needs to collect and store the data on each potential buyer in one integrated solution. We can help you seamlessly collect data from different platforms to make it available in one place to achieve transparent and efficient customer interaction.

Analytics and reporting

The success of marketing execution lies in testing different customer engagement approaches, analyzing the results, and building on the ones, which create the most value. To achieve the highest ROI, we help you set up the tools and reports to support informed and timely decision-making.

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